10 Tips for Shopping Engagement Rings on Black Friday

Love is often in the air, and soon, money will be too. With Black Friday around the corner, it’s a good time to be on the lookout for savings. If you’re planning on getting engaged, you might want to look for deals on a ring, as it will be one of the many expenses you’ll go through. It will probably also be one of the biggest ones. In this article, we will be looking at what you need to keep in mind when looking for engagement rings on Black Friday.

1. Determine Your Budget

Before you even start looking at specials, decide how much you’re willing to spend. This doesn’t only apply to the engagement ring, but also the wedding, and of course, the wedding ring. Getting engaged and married is very expensive, so make sure that you don’t go bankrupt in the process.

2. Find Out About Black Friday Deals

Most companies have annual Black Friday deals, but it’s good to check in on them beforehand. Find out what deals will be available on which rings. Look at their websites or ask for brochures. Companies like Brooklynlilly have elaborate websites with all the information you might need.

3. The Shape of Your Diamond

As we all know, not all diamonds are created equal. There are numerous shapes to choose from, such as the round cut diamond engagement ring and the princess cut diamond engagement ring. The internet will guide you through the various options and help you choose between an oval diamond engagement ring and an elongated diamond engagement ring.

4. Personalized Jewelry

Not everyone might find what they’re looking for among the fine jewelry available in catalogs. Fortunately, custom jewelry is also available from talented designers. Some of them will also be running Black Friday specials, and you can get a killer deal on your specially designed rings. Be sure to do your research and communicate clearly what you want to the designer. Look at the designer’s reviews and ratings to determine the quality of their work before you approach them.

5. Choosing a Metal

Next to choosing the stone, your ring’s metal is one of the most critical factors. White gold engagement rings are beautiful, but they might not be for everyone. Make sure of the metal your chosen ring is made of. Different metals also have different values, which will affect pricing, but you don’t want to put your flawless diamond in subpar metal.

6. Carat Size

It should come as no surprise that your ring’s carat size will play a significant role in its value. Of course, this also affects the price, so bear that in mind before you pick out your 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring.

7. Measurement

There is nothing worse than a ring that clings too tightly or keeps slipping off your finger. Make sure of your partner’s (or your own) finger size so that you can have the ring adjusted if necessary. These adjustments are generally not difficult to do, but they will most likely cost extra.

8. Certification

You don’t want to be caught with egg on your face years after purchasing your ring, only to find out that it wasn’t what you thought it was. Getting your purchase certified ensures its validity and will help you determine its worth in years to come. Your jeweler should be able to assist you in this.

9. Keep the Wedding Ring in Mind

Remember now, there won’t only be one ring involved. In all the excitement of picking out an engagement ring, don’t forget that you will need a wedding band that compliments it. The modern wedding ring can be quite the spectacle, so try to choose a minimalist engagement ring that will share the spotlight.

10. The Four Diamond C’s

If all else fails, remember the four diamond C’s: carat, cut, clarity, and color. These four requirements go a long way to finding the perfect diamond for you.


As mentioned before, the diamond’s carat size plays a huge part in its value and desirability. Generally, a good size for an engagement ring is over 0.5 carat.


Diamonds are cut in several different shapes. Which one works for you?


Everyone is after that “blemish-free” diamond. Hunt for a stone that has as little flaws as possible. Although a super clear diamond will be more expensive, it is an investment worth making.


We tend to forget that diamonds don’t only come in clear color. Many different hues exist. Once again, the color of your diamond will affect the price, so keep that in mind.


Weddings, like many other things, have become increasingly expensive over the years. To curb these expenses, sales like Black Friday are a great way of pinching a few pennies. Once you’ve determined your budget, check out the deals available on websites like Brooklynlilly.

Pick the specific diamond shape and metal that works best for you, or have a custom ring made. Make sure that the measurement is accurate and that your ring is certified. Don’t forget to keep the wedding band in mind and how many carats you want. If you forget all of this, remember the four diamond C’s.

Most of all, have fun! As much as it is an investment, an engagement ring symbolizes new beginnings and possibilities. Don’t forget to allow yourself to experience the excitement that comes with it.