5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are stylish diamond bracelets that wrap around the wrist and although they usually look similar to one another, there are a number of elements that help distinguish between high-quality and medium-quality tennis bracelets. Since we want you to make the perfect choice, here are 5 tips from our experts. 

  1. The Purity of the Gold

The purity of gold refers to the percentage of gold in the metal of the jewel. It is customary to produce tennis bracelets with 14k and 18k gold. If your tennis bracelet is made of 18 carat gold – the metal contains 75% gold. When your tennis bracelet is made of 14k gold, the metal contains 58.5% gold.

  1. The Quality of the Diamonds in the Bracelet

When it comes to the quality of diamonds, we recommend avoiding low quality as they will make the bracelet look less impressive and disappoint those who wear it. We recommend buying diamond bracelets with the following qualities:

Diamond color: High diamond color is very important for the bracelet’s appearance, so be sure to choose one from the high trio: D E F.

Diamond Clarity: Tennis Bracelets are an ultimate jewelry box staple and should be studded with clean and beautiful diamonds. We recommend purchasing them in one of the following qualities according to your budget: SI1, VS2, VS2, VVS2, VVS1.

  1. Flexibility and Durability 

The durability of the bracelet and its elasticity are very important factors when it comes to a piece you’ll wear for a lifetime. From our experience,  we know that low quality bracelets can easily get tangled or torn apart. 

You can test the flexibility of the bracelet by holding it open and upside down. You want to make sure that it stays standing and does not collapse into itself.

  1. Adjust the Length of the Bracelet

The standard length of tennis bracelets is 18 cm, as a general rule we aim for the bracelet to fall slightly toward the wrist when worn. For women who have a particularly narrow wrist – we recommend shortening to 17 inches.

For those with a wider  wrist, you can place an order for 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm etc.

  1. Bracelet Clasps

The clasp you choose for your bracelet must be strong enough as it can get caught by many things. You want to be sure it is still proportional to the size and weight of the item. There are several types of clasps; hooks, toggles, etc.  You should consult with the salesperson you buy the item from to receive their professional opinion. They should be able to know the difference between an excellent and tight fitting clasp opposed to one that may quickly fall apart. 

We, at Brooklynlilly believe that every part of the tennis bracelet must be of the highest quality – from the diamonds, the gold to the clasps. If you are interested in purchasing a new bracelet, we invite you to take a look at our new and shiny catalog for 2020 and choose your dream bracelet today.