A Complete Guide to Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Oval cut diamonds belong to an exclusive reserve that has the pear, marquise and the princess. Also referred to as the oval brilliant cut, the unique features makes the oval cut engagement ring the top choice for couples.

What do oval cut engagement rings look like?

The answer to this may not be the most romantic; however it is shaped just like an egg! You heard that right! These diamonds are unique because they are a fusion of the elongated shape of a marquise and the sparkle associated with the round brilliant cut. The cut takes its origin from the 1950’s and as such a hybrid cut.

The facets

Just as it is with the round brilliant, the oval cut engagement ring has 58 facets and possesses a light reflection. This and many more features make it look almost dramatic.

What does it cost?

Because the oblong shape of the oval cut helps it maximize its total surface area, you may get a larger diamond for a lower cost. This is however subject to all other factors such as grade, color, and clarity.

What are the kinds of cuts?

The oval cut gained its popularity back in 1955 and it is considered “Nouveau Modern.”  The good word about this ring was spread by Lazare-Kaplan and sons using its trademark “oval elegance.” Before this time, this cut was mostly used for rubies and sapphires and this is because the techniques for cutting gem didn’t improve until the turn of the 20th century.

Vertical or Horizontal

The oval cut engagement ring center stone is usually set either vertically or horizontally. In a situation where it is set horizontally, it simply means that when you view the diamond on your finger, it will be parallel to the band.

The way you love your oval cut is largely a function of your personal preference. You should also know that the position does not affect the durability and security. If you desire to have your finger to look longer and slimmer, you may need to check some ring styles out.

Oval-Cut Diamond Settings

In the world of contemporary engagement rings, it appears that when it has to do with ovals, bezels dominate. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, go for a brand that makes with six or four prongs.

The Width to Length Ratio is vital

If you have settled for an oval cut engagement ring, then you must understand the concept of length to width ratio. This ratio should help guide you in ascertaining how wide or narrow the diamond is. In a situation where you have a greater ratio, it simply means it would be skinnier and longer. On the other hand, when the ratio is lower, it means the diamond would be circular.  Majority of people prefer an oval cut of length to width ratio of 1.3 to 1.7. However, your choice is entirely up to you.

Take away

Before you purchase your own Oval cut engagement ring, do well to go through the aforementioned tips.


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