All You Need To Know About Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Created by Arpad Nagy as far back as the early 1960s, this cut was initially named the “profile cut.” The Princess cut diamond engagement ring is one that has the same brilliance which a round diamond possesses only with a sleek square shape. The comparison between princess cuts and round rings has lingered so much that they are sometimes known as “square modified brilliants.”

The major reason why princess cuts seem to be so sought after is their sophisticated and chic appearance. This engagement ring is beautiful in several setting styles.  There are three stone setting styles which you may want to explore for a wonderfully cut diamond ring.  These settings include yellow gold, platinum, and Rose gold.

What makes a Princess cut diamond engagement ring ideal?

The choice between both a round and a Princess cut diamond engagement ring is ultimately a function of your style. However, here are a few factors you should consider before making the choice:

  • cost

It is an open secret that princess cut diamonds are not as expensive as the rounds. This is mainly as a result of the octahedral shape which a rough diamond possesses. When stone cutters divide the rough diamond into two, they will be able to cut princesses with as little waste as possible. Round cut diamonds, on the other hand, tend to waste more of the roughs meaning that they cost more than the princess cuts.

  • Sparkle

Princess cuts have a way of showing unique levels of brilliance. However, they don’t get up to the level of brilliance that round diamonds display.

  • The size

The round cut has a larger face-up-surface area when compared with a  princess cut of the same carat weight. However, princess cuts have a way of appearing bigger due to their large diagonal size. Having said this, you should be able to get a bigger princess-cut than that which a round cut will give on budget.

  • Durability

Because there is a possibility of the corners of the cut to snap, they may likely chip. The corners of the ring must be protected all the time using prongs to reduce damage risk to the stone. Because round diamonds may chip they usually do not have weak spots that are prone to chipping.

Engagement ring styles for your princess-cut diamonds

As far as making a choice is concerned, you certainly cannot consider the shape without factoring the style. Even though round diamonds are known to be classic, standard shape, princess-cut diamonds are more widely accepted fancy shapes. They go well along with different styles for your Princess cut diamond engagement ring.

The unique geometric shape and brilliance of the princess cuts make them an ideal option for classy modern designs.

Final word

For your choice of Princess cut diamond engagement ring, be mindful of the fact that your choice is one that you will have in your hands for life.