Are Black Diamonds Real?

The black diamond is back in fashion


In recent years black diamonds have come back in style. They look amazing combined with additional black or white diamonds or even colored gems. The black diamond has a lot of drama and elegance that makes for a unique design. A black diamond gives any piece of jewelry a more dramatic or edgy look.

Why choose a black diamond for a piece of jewelry?

  • The price of a treated black diamond is much cheaper than white.
  • The black diamond is dramatic and unique.
  • Black diamonds are hard and durable. No inclusions can be seen because of its color.

    The natural black diamond:

A natural black diamond is called a Carbonado. This is a natural and extremely hard diamond. Black diamonds have been nicknamed Carbonado after being discovered in active mines in Brazil in 1843. The black diamond has a slightly porous appearance with small holes that give it the appearance of a sponge with a shiny smooth shell.

Scientists still debate the way black diamonds are formed in nature. Some claim that black diamonds stem from a meteor that crashed on Earth. Other scientists claim that they are formed in the Earth’s core as a result of nuclear movements and carbonaceous volcanic eruptions. These diamonds can be mined just like any other colored diamond, but are extremely rare.

Treated Black Diamonds:


 Treated black diamonds are created from regular white diamonds that have an extremely low value due to the amount of inclusions. Since they have so many inclusions, a better use for them is to create black diamonds by performing treatments of irradiation or heat. These diamonds are often called “colorless treated black diamonds” or “black colored diamonds” since they are just white diamonds that have been color treated. These are the most affordable and most common forms of black diamonds.

Characteristics of the black diamond


For many years black diamonds were not as prestigious as white diamonds. A Carbonado diamond belongs to the family of colored diamonds that are usually called Fancy Colored (I.e. Fancy Yellow, Fancy Blue). They are formed naturally in the depths of the earth under enormous heat and high pressure conditions. The black diamond is made of a poly-crystalline material. They usually consists of small crystals and are characterized by multiple internal knots, so it is difficult to polish. They do not have fissure planes like a regular diamond, and it is stiffer and more durable.

Most black diamonds are mined in Brazil and Central African countries. They have also been found in mines in Russia and North America. In most cases they are found close to the ground. It is worth knowing that black diamonds can also be produced under lab conditions known as lab grown diamonds. There is a special process for refining and coloring ordinary diamonds of poor quality to turn them into black-colored diamonds. In fact, most black diamonds have undergone some treatment to achieve the shiny look that is commonly used for jewelry. For this reason, the price of a black diamond is often cheaper than a regular diamond. That being said, a completely natural black diamond is considered rare and therefore its price is much more expensive than a regular diamond.

It is important to note that the black diamond can be mined in nature but is very hard to come by. Most miners are able to find pea-sized black diamonds, but in many cases the Carbonado is attached to other crystals so it cannot be polished. In different cultures, there are many superstitions and folktales surrounding black diamonds. In Italy, couples in a relationship crisis are advised to touch a black diamond in order to ensure the longevity of the relationship. in India, the black diamond is associated with the name of the goddess of death.
A black diamond upgrades any piece of jewelry and adds breathtaking beauty. It is a unique diamond with an affordable price tag that can make any jewelry unique for any style.