Beauty of simplicity – Minimalist Engagement rings

In a world with a huge range of diamond sizes, we find simplicity and minimalism to be an essential part in the engagement ring industry. The statement of a high quality material as white or yellow gold combined with one center stone can really have a beauty impact on your surroundings.

There are many structures of minimalist engagement rings and here in Brooklynlilly we believe that there aren’t any “wrongs”, only “rights”. Besides that, at the end of the day your decision has an impact on your partners life and there for she should love the design.

The perfect Romantic gestures are often to be categorized for being as massive as one could think off and actually the truth is far away from that. In a matter of fact, here are some reasons you should go for simple, elegant and minimalist rings:

  • The minimalist diamond rings are great to have on your finger at any time of the day. Whether you go to work, have dinner with friends or you might have a special event ahead of you, these types of rings will fit any style.

  • Having a simple yet mesmerizing style of ring will assure that the focus stays on the center stone. In order to do that, it is recommended to have minimal metal details that will flatter the main diamond.

  • While large diamonds are gorgeous on engagement rings, adding another item, like a wedding band to complete the entire design can be a bit too much. Elegant and simple designs of rings will go great with other items making it different and unique.

Solitaire diamond rings are definitely the most minimalistic and authentic. These rings have a classic look but at the same time they emphasize the main stone in a way that makes it interesting and not boring.

For example, a classic four prong solitaire engagement ring with a simple yellow gold, platinum or silver band is by definition the most minimalistic. The prong can hold any shape of diamond but the most common one is the round cut.

Remember, when you look for minimalist engagement rings, make sure you understand the concept which mainly is about having the center diamond shines and pops out. You should also take in consideration the lifestyle of your partner and the things she enjoys to do on a daily basis.

If you need any help or you have questions, please contact us and our experts here in Brooklynlilly would love advice.

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