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Diamond shapes

9 most common diamond shapes

The physical form of a diamond is the first thing couples look for when they consider purchasing an engagement ring. Mostly, round diamonds are more popular but in the past decade the rising trend of uniqueness and unconventional shapes became very appealing to a lot of people.
There are a few spectacular diamond shapes that are known by the name “fancy shaped diamonds” and that category contains princess cut diamonds, cushion emerald, radiant, oval, pear and heart shaped stones.

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Beautiful Shapes of Diamonds to Choose For Your Engagement

Diamonds are a top choice for couples looking to get engaged. They are timeless, classic and easily the most popular type of gem. This is in addition to the fact that they are quite durable and stand the test of time.
It is however important that you have the basic understanding of the shapes of Diamonds before you choose. Here we will show you the shapes as well as what their features are.

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