Considerations When Buying an Engagement Ring

If a person looks into that particular person’s eyes and suddenly realizes they want to share their life with that person, it takes a lot of planning. Instead of proposing, would-be suitors first have to plan how to propose and determine which engagement ring will be special enough to symbolize this occasion.

Write Your Own Story

Consider this decision the first step into married life. Someone else will be wearing this fine jewelry for the rest of their lives. They better like it.

Considerations Before Shopping for Rings

– Figure out what your future spouse’s style is.
– Would your partner like a classic or modern design?
– Should the engagement and wedding bands be a set of rings?
– Is it better to buy a preset ring, or have it custom designed?
– Will they appreciate the sentimental value attached to buying a ring from an auction?
– Is there perhaps a family heirloom in either of the families traditionally passed on from earlier ancestors if family members commit to a life partner?

If family heirlooms get passed down traditionally, and you want to stick to tradition, permission from the parents will have to be asked before asking your partner to commit. Traditionally, it is the right thing to do. It could be the first step into building a healthy relationship with future in-laws.

Figuring Out The Ring Style

Take the cue from jewelry they already own.
What material is the jewelry made from?
Did they have it designed specifically to their taste?
Does it have a specific style or color of stone set in them?

Custom is No Surprise Proposal

Going with custom-designed rings will, unfortunately, ruin the romantic surprise proposal with the ring in hand. It does eliminate the guessing work. You may be able to get a set that will include both wedding bands and engagement rings specifically designed to the rhythm of your beat.

Going Preset

Get a ring size. Offer to have a ring that your partner wears often cleaned for them. Please take this opportunity to do something special for them while finding that out at the same time.
If they can keep the secret, ask their BFFs to help. Go online and show them pictures of white gold engagement rings, a modern wedding ring, or a round-cut diamond engagement ring. They may be able to help you decide which type of rings to consider, or they may discreetly ask their friend during a conversation what they prefer while browsing the Brooklynlilly site.

Here is the worst idea ever; include your future mother-in-law. A mother generally wants what is best for her child. She may not necessarily consider your wishes or budget, but they will probably know them pretty well. You might not be looking for long before she buys a ring for you with your credit card. Make it clear you are shopping around.

Show mom pictures of a 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring or a princess cut diamond engagement ring. Ask her if she thinks her daughter would like those designs or to suggest a different approach to you. Keep in mind; This strategy has risks, but you may gain some brownie points for future use.

Take the opportunity of discussing rings with your partner if friends or family recently got engaged. Ask what they think of the bands that were bought or that family members have. If they do get suspicious by the questions, they might decide to be merciful and steer you discreetly in the right direction.

Questions you Should Ask About the Jeweler

The first step into a future where you will have a friend, lover, and companion by your side is buying an engagement ring. If it is to be a diamond, consider the five C’s of a diamond. Also, consider what type of metal the band will be forged from. Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold, or White Gold? Consider other materials.

Cut, color, carat weight, and clarity will determine the value of the stone. Confidence will come from buying from a reputable jeweler that can tell you what the terminology means. Research its language and consider if the jeweler can explain them to you before buying from them.
Are the staff knowledgeable?

1. Is the shop a member of a trade association?
2. Do the stones come with an original gemological certificate?
3. Does the jeweler have a solid reputation; or jam-packed repair service?
4. Does the shop offer a warranty or guarantee; for how long, and do they provide a detailed receipt that will validate this guarantee?
5. Can you examine the diamond on a white background and through a loupe? Seeing a diamond against a colored backdrop does influence the eye’s color perception.

Things Not To Do When Buying

Don’t be cheap. Unless you are buying fake or stolen, it will not be a pretty penny.
Do not assume diamonds are your future fiance’s best friend. They might prefer something different.
Do not get stuck on one idea, shop, or designer unless you know the person you ask has an unquestionable preference.
The web is a fantastic place to gauge what is trending in jewelry design. Do not buy online if there is a choice. If you do, read reviews on the site and ask:

– Does the site have a good reputation; will they certify the stone and provide an original gemological certificate with the product?
– Does the site have a warranty or guarantee, and will they provide a detailed receipt stipulating the terms?
– What are the tax and duty charges if the site is hosted in a foreign country?
– How easy is it to return the ring to them if there are repairs to be done?
– What are the delivery terms?

Make Your Own Rules

Engagement and wedding bands are symbols of the vows a couple makes to each other. Please do not engage in rules that indicate that it has to be a diamond or look a certain way; or that you should spend a certain amount of money. If you have more, spend more; if you do not, consider minimalist engagement rings.

It is best to pick something you can easily customize to fit your lifestyle. A later upgrade can make it unique to your story. If it is meant to become an heirloom, spending more can make that a reality, but it does not have to be spent all at once. If it is already an heirloom, it only needs to be cleaned and fitted to your partner.