Engagement Proposals On Valentine’s Day

Feeling all the romantic vibes for 2020? Wondering when’s the perfect time to pop the question? Well, you’re in luck because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This special day is filled with romantic energy. The atmosphere is already working in your favor, all that’s left to do is think about how you’re going to execute the perfect proposal.


While this day can truly amplify your thoughts and feelings, we suggest that you stay true to yourself and your loved one and resist the urge to go overboard. (Yes, there is such a thing) Keep in mind, that having a humble proposal can make an incredible statement. 


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Proposing On Valentine’s Day?


10 -12 %  of engagement proposals are happening on this very day, each year in the United States, and as we agreed earlier, it’s mainly due to the electrifying atmosphere. It may not be the most original idea, to propose on this day, however, who wouldn’t be happy with a ring on their finger on Valentine’s Day? Another major plus is that you can use different resources to make this moment really extraordinary, as most restaurants, spas, and hotels are offering stunning packages made to give this specific day an added dose of romance. 


Besides the extra love and romance factor, you should remember that this day is designed for couples so that they can appreciate the life they share together and celebrate their intimacy. It’s  not like christmas for example, where you spend your time celebrating with family and friends. 


 Some Great Tips for Getting Engaged on Valentine’s day?


In order to make the proposal unforgettable, you should first know where you are going to ask the question. Some people will prefer having this event inside their home, or in another private setting, alone with their partner, with some beautiful decorations, flowers, and some champagne. 


On the other hand, some will prefer to have the whole grand gesture out in public. Say, in central park, followed by a large event where the entire family and friends are invited to celebrate. Bottom line, it’s all about personal taste and preferences – just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.


Take the time to decompress


No matter if you choose to have a huge event or a simple one at home, once the emotions start to kick in, it is hard to control them. It is recommended to take some time off from your regular routine and spend some quality  “alone” time together. 


You can do that by staying at home just the two of you while imagining the rest of your life together. Or maybe you plan to go on a nice vacation for a couple of days and travel. Either way, enjoy this once in a lifetime moment as much as you can; and together!


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