How to Choose Modern Wedding Rings

Two is better than one, well that is the idea behind marriages, and this could potentially also be said about rings. Unmistakably you will have a gorgeous and sparkling diamond engagement ring with a simplistic, sleek wedding ring. When you put the two rings together it is pure magic. Understanding the purpose and function of these rings are important though.

Engagement rings are the proposal ring and often the more elaborate ring featuring diamonds or other stones. Typically, a wedding ring is far less elaborate, often with zero stones and a simple gold or whichever metal band of your choice. The engagement ring represents the intention to wed and a pledge of love while the wedding band symbolizes lifelong commitment.

Looking at modern wedding rings, however, who says your wedding band cannot be diamond smothered too? One of the latest trends features modern wedding rings are studded with small diamonds around the ring. Other modern wedding rings feature two or three rows of tiny crystals when the bride loves her sparkles.

How do you choose modern wedding rings?

The shape is the first element of a modern wedding ring. All tastes are satisfied with a multitude of shape option that ranges from classic to contemporary. You get from the essential and modern flat shaped ring to a court shaped

The second element in choosing modern wedding rings is the width. This is a feature that has a significant impact on the appearance irrespective whether you wear only a wedding ring or a wedding and engagement ring combo. Choosing the width gives you the opportunity to get the bride and groom matching rings that suits the hand or finger proportion.

The wedding ring’s depth is dictated by the style and profile that you choose. However, when you choose a wedding ring with a groove in the band or with diamonds, you should have greater depth.

The metal choice is another factor too, which do you prefer, Gold, Palladium or Platinum? While metals are always of the purest quality, you could also opt for Silver, Rose or Yellow Gold. Instead, you can choose combination metals as well. There is a myriad of combination options that range from the elegance of plain wedding band to three colors of gold or gold and silver, whichever suits your unique taste.

In addition, you can characterize your modern wedding rings with a unique profile by channel insets and grooves as you like.

The finish is another defining touch where you have several options ranging from diamond-studded all-round to perfect polished smoothness. In addition, you can opt for the spatula effect, a raw effect which is dull and irregular, hammered, sand-blasted or a satin finish.

A flash of forever light with a modern wedding band set in diamonds can range from princess cut to round brilliance and in the color of your choice too. In addition, any modern wedding rings could have specific arrangements and number of diamonds that are significant to you. You can choose four equidistant stones or a circle of diamonds as your heart desire. The stones’ setting can also vary from channel setting, pave or traditional claw settings.

Finish off your wedding band and that of your partner with a special engraving on the inside of the band for the ultimate in personalization. The engraving is the special touch like artists placing their signature on their artwork or paintings. Choose your wording and if you want to, use your own handwriting which engravers will replicate to make your modern wedding rings more unique and immortalize the most extraordinary experience of your lives.