Inspiration For Your Holiday Proposal

Holidays are the best part of the year. They are all about quality family time, delicious food, making new memories, and looking back on old memories. What recent memory is more perfect for the holiday than getting engaged. The idea of a holiday proposal will be a memorable and romantic one because your loved ones will surround you.

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year is the perfect time to pop the question. If proposing this season is on your schedule, here are some inspirations for your holiday proposal.

Make the most of Christmas day

Since the holidays are filled with love, family, and tradition, proposals during this time will be magical. If you consider popping the question on Christmas Day, you might wonder about the perfect time to do this. We encourage you to go on an intimate walk with your partner before dinner or after presents. There will be a lot of love and magic in the air – your proposal will be confidential, and you will make the best memorable Christmas celebration.

A custom made advent calendar

You can make an advent calendar yourself or order one online. But ensure it’s a calendar that can be used as a tradition each year to come. Fill up each date with small ornaments or chocolates. Don’t forget that you need to get a gorgeous modern wedding ring to make this idea work. Whether you want engagement rings or wedding bands, we have got you covered.
Once you have gotten a ring, pick a date that you think is perfect and insert. It can be on Christmas day or the day before. Each year that you both use the advent calendar will bring back the romantic memories of the holiday season that meant everything to you.

Have a warm night in

There is nothing more surprising and romantic than a warm and quiet night in with some fancy dinners. Have a warm and comfy night doing the things that you love most – just the two of you. One of the best romantic ways to pop the big question is to order some pizza or Chinese food and some wine to complement the cozy nightlife.
Instead of using a fortune cookie from the restaurant, you can replace it with a romantic text saying “Marry Me” or “ Be my Forever.” You can attach a nice round-cut engagement ring at the back of the piece of paper. It’s going to be the ultimate surprise because she won’t be expecting it.

Say the words on the run

If you and your spouse love to exercise, then you should register for a holiday 10k. Not only will you be able to race with your bride-to-be, but popping the question at the finish line makes you both feel like winners.

You can even invite your family to stand at the finishing line, holding signs that say “she said yes” or “congratulations.” They will help you capture that romantic moment. And when you have left the other racers, bring the ring out and say those four magical words

A breakfast in bed proposal

Instead of waiting till evening to pop the question, start her day off with a surprise. It’s the perfect time to treat them to their favorite meal. If you don’t know her favorite meal, you can stylishly ask her a day before. Just ensure you don’t give away the element of surprise. Cook the meal yourself and bring it to them in bed before getting up to prepare for the day.
You can add a bouquet to the tray, and don’t forget to include a hot coffee with your proposal engraved at the bottom of the mug. So once your spouse lifts the cup to sip the coffee, they get stunned by a sweet text saying, “Will you Marry Me.” It’ll surely make them feel mushy.

Famous fancy ring to consider for your holiday proposal

While thinking about the perfect holiday proposal idea, don’t forget to consider the kind of ring to use for your engagement proposal. As you plan to start your journey forever, keep these popular fancy rings in mind.

Ovals & pears

Considering a pear or oval cut diamond is sure to keep her thrill for years to come. Both diamond cuts are famous and readily available as center stones for gorgeous engagement rings. These diamond cuts are perfect for other options of fine jewelry. Whether as earrings or pendants, both pear and oval cuts offer a stylish and complete effect.
You can start by exploring options from our categories. We have several rose and white gold engagement rings featuring pear and oval cut diamonds.

Cushion cut engagement rings

Cushion-cut engagement rings are another fancy ring that you can consider for your holiday proposal. Cushion-cut diamond rings come in unique shapes with rounded corners. The diamond has a great glow and exceptional color quality. It has been in existence for many decades and still reigns in the heart of many ring lovers.

An excellent example is the gorgeous 15-carat cushion-cut diamond that Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian. However, you don’t need to spend that much. At Brooklynlilly, we have a 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring or even a 1-carat cushion diamond ring that will look attractive on your spouse.

Other types of diamond engagement ring for your holiday proposal

Aside from the rings mentioned above, several different types of diamond engagement rings are available that are sure to keep your lover smiling for years to come. One of these is the princess cut diamond engagement ring, a popular variation of the round brilliant shape. We have the best princess ring that you can use to propose to the princess of your life.

Additionally, you can also consider a brilliant round diamond for your holiday proposal. A round-cut diamond engagement ring is an ideal and multifaceted option for an engagement ring. With their timeless and elegant look, our brilliant round diamonds will make a beautiful statement for the bride-to-be. However, if you want to keep it simple, you can also explore our wide selection of minimalist engagement rings.


Now that you have some inspiration for your holiday proposal and know the type of engagement ring to consider, you can pop the big question during your next holiday. While thinking of how to surprise your spouse, remember that all you ever need is love and each other. Every other thing is just extra.