Most Popular Engagement Rings You Should Know

There are quite several things that seem nearly irresistible in life, such things are further made irresistible by the power of social media. Engagement rings are not left out of this mix as they tend to regularly pop up on our social media feeds from time to time.

Having this in mind, we have taken time out to explore our Social media feed to know which are the most popular engagement rings in the market. Here are the top engagement rings at the moment:

  1. Ballad Diamond Ring

The fire and brilliance of this unique piece are so pronounced that the low twilight cannot cover it. It is common knowledge that oval cut diamonds are quite popular and this trend is expected to go on for a long while. One unique feature of oval cut diamonds is that they have more surface area covered. This feature is what makes your center diamond seem bigger than round diamonds having the same carat.

  1. Fiorella Diamond Ring

This is another one of the most popular engagement rings among love birds. It draws its theme from delicate petals and floral booms. It comes in a beautiful rose gold setting and is bounded by shining diamond details. It is without a doubt an option that is hard to resist.

  1. Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Popularly known as teardrop, pear cut diamonds have a way of giving your engagement ring a touch of drama and glamour. This shape seems to be a favorite with celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, and Victoria Beckham. Its popularity is one that makes it an easy choice for couples looking to get engaged.

  1. Six-Prong Classic Ring

If you are looking for a lovable classic ring that suits the occasion, this is the one! The six-prong classic ring is one that seems to easily blend into the occasion. This can easily be attributed to its unique color and shape.

  1. Peach Morganite

The unique pinks and peaches that Morganite gemstones make them a perfect choice to give your engagement ring appear unique and modern. This engagement ring type has over time gained a reputation as one of the most popular engagement rings out there in the market.

  1. Reina Diamond Ring

This ring is characterized by several trends that sets it apart from the crowd. Some of these trends include rose gold bands, halo accents, fancy cut center stones. This may be why it seems to get so many likes on social media anytime it is posted.

  1. Sol Diamond Ring

The Sol Diamond Ring comes with three clusters of diamond accents at the critical angles of the diamond. Rings such as the Sol Diamond that have unique sparkling halos have a way of making a gemstone look even larger and brighter than the stone should on its own.

Wrapping It Up

Here you have it! The seven most popular engagement rings on social media, all that is left is for you to make your choice.


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