Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: A Guide to Help Buyers

The unique Round cut diamond engagement ring has over the years gained a reputation for its fire and brilliance. It has been at the fore among popular engagement rings for about a century

If you want to know if this is the ideal style for your ring, explore this guide to know more about the pros and cons, ideal settings as well as the characteristics.

What are the features of Round brilliant Diamond Cut?

This type of diamond cut is without a doubt one of the most analyzed and studied diamond cut. It would interest you to note that round cuts go as far back as four hundred years; however, it was not until 1919 that the real round brilliant diamond was formed by Marcel Tolkowsky. Before this time European cut diamonds and rose diamonds were the most famous round diamond styles.

What Marcel did was to make use of his vast mathematical knowledge to create a shape and cut which would optimize the fire and brilliance of the diamond. Some year’s later improvements with laser technology as well as computer modeling brought us to today’s round brilliant cut. This cut is such that possesses the maximum amount of fire, light dispersion as well as brilliance which can’t be equaled by other cuts.

It is on record that this cut has about 58 different facets and it is known to preserve a large part of the original diamond’s weight.

What are the pros of the Round cut diamond engagement ring?

The unique Round cut diamond engagement ring is known to be one of the most versatile styles. This is perhaps why round diamond rings retained their popularity for this long.

Round brilliant-cut engagement rings can be gotten in small and large sizes, as two or three stone ring, in solitaires, or added to channel stones around the band.

The unique shape of the round cut is quite suitable for engagement rings for everyday use. With no sharp edges or corners, the chances of the stone to catch on clothes or hair are less likely. Also, it does not have sharp edges that could be susceptible to breaking or chipping.

Furthermore, the unique degree of brilliance and fire helps to conceal little flaws within the diamond.  Some of these flaws include inclusions color tints as well as blemishes. This is added to the fact that couples looking to engage will have the flexibility of choice when searching for a Round cut diamond engagement ring.

Ideal settings for Round cut diamond rings?

The best setting for a round cut diamond ring is perhaps the 4 prong setting. This setting type would safely hold the center stone. Also, the open setting helps maximize the amount of light that enters the stone.

Furthermore, larger cuts such as those that have 2 carats may require 6 prong settings. However, for the majority of brilliant diamonds, the 4 prong setting is ideal.

Final note

If you are looking to purchase a Round cut diamond engagement ring as soon as possible, understand that it is a lifetime decision. Chances are high that you may never have another chance to get it right. Hence, you should follow our guide for the best experience.



Round cut engagement ring
Round cut diamond ring