The Hidden treasure in White gold engagement rings

White Gold is one metal which may first not be quite easily recognizable at first. However, the moment you feel the ring at a closer range, you will discover you are handling one of the most popular metals that exist in the world of jewelry today. The White gold engagement rings are a fusion of all you need in a ring-a modern look, eternal feel and a beautiful outlook.

There is certainly no way you can be in error using a white gold engagement ring. It has the glitter of silver in addition to the durability of yellow gold. This is one ring that would look good on you for any occasion, style or outfit.

What should you know before buying white gold rings?

Purchasing White gold engagement rings is one activity that needs some level of education before venturing into it. You should make a comparison of white gold with other white metals. Also, you should learn things about karat, purity, weight and a good understanding of pairing and color guidelines. This is to help you ascertain if white Gold is ideal for you.

White Gold vs. Other white metals

Be mindful of the fact that white Gold has the same look like sterling silver and platinum. However, this does not take away the fact that it can be a good choice for your wedding jewelry the color which white Gold possesses is influenced by the mixture of metal alloys and yellow gold. Besides giving it’s a slivery appearance, this process also helps in making it durable.

Platinum is a durable metal thus its reputation as a choice for wedding rings, it is, however, more expensive.

Due to the cost, brides who want the looks of platinum, but do not have the funds opt for White gold. In the eyes of Budget, the affordability of white Gold certainly helps make it shine brighter than platinum.

However, sterling silver is a less expensive alternative to both platinum and White gold engagement rings. There are however some factors that make it a less desirable option for wedding bands. Even though silver is indeed an ideal option for pieces that have less expensive gemstones such as amethyst and turquoise, it is quite malleable. In addition to this is the fact that sterling tends to easily tarnish and needs to be polished frequently. White gold, on the other hand, does not tarnish which makes it cheaper in terms of maintenance.

Our candid advice

If you desire a little more shine to your wedding band, the unique surface of the white gold will certainly help capture the brilliance and fire in your diamond. White gold is indeed a perfect choice for displaying nearly colorless or colorless diamonds. Channel set white diamonds particularly go well in White gold engagement rings.

Its friendly cost and quality make it a good choice for couples looking to walk down the aisle on a tight budget. The good news is that it will shine well enough to make your day beautiful.