The Perfect Choice: Elongated Diamond Engagement Ring

Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be a challenging quest; you have all kinds of shapes, colors, and arrangements to choose from, making it a nightmare of options, but going with an elongated diamond engagement ring can never go wrong.

It is a classic and stylish shape that has been around for a long time, and it is a piece of fine jewelry that will continue to pass the test of time. An elongated diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a beautiful, trendy, and modern wedding ring.

This beautiful cut makes the fingers of the bride-to-be who wears it look long, slender, and stylish while also making the diamond look more prominent. Elongated diamond engagement rings are beautiful, timeless choices for trendy brides; these kinds of diamonds look majestic in minimalist engagement rings, as a unique gem, for their stunning shine and shape.

But, What Are Elongated Diamonds?

The elongated diamond engagement rings can come in various cuts, from the traditional radiant and cushion cuts to the timeless emerald cut and oval cut, with the similarity that they are all cut in a rectangular shape. The rectangular cut is a perfect shape that ensures that your ring will flatter your hand, looking larger than a square diamond of the same carat.

Are Elongated Diamonds Rare?

While the scarcity of diamonds doesn’t increase compared to square diamonds with the same carat weight when they are sightly rectangular, like 1.10 and below, longer diamonds, like those above 1.12, are indeed rare; in fact, the longer the diamond, the more uncommon it is the gem. Diamonds above 1.18 are tough to find, and for instance, they are scarce in the gem market.

Are Enloganted Diamonds More Expensive?

Following the same way as scarcity, the longer the diamond, the higher the price. Still, it also depends on the quality, carat, clearness, and all those factors that come into play when valuing a diamond.

The truth remains; a 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring of similar conditions will cost the same, doesn’t matter if it is square or elongated, so why not choose an elongated diamond engagement ring when it has a similar cost to their square equals, but with a touch of extra elegance?

Elongated Diamond Engagement Ring VS Other Cuts

Indeed, an elongated diamond ring is usually more flashy and extravagant than more traditional shapes, but if you feel more attracted to the rarity of long diamond cuts, know there are some perks of these types of cuts against more classic ones.

Round Cut VS Elongated Cut

Elongated diamonds are popular because they have larger facets than other cuts, which makes them visibly brighter. Still, it is usually different from the gem in a round cut diamond engagement ring since the round cut is the most brilliant of cuts.

The advantage of elongated diamonds against round cuts is on the price since round cut diamonds are also the most expensive diamonds. If you compare two diamonds of similar carat weight, quality, and conditions, the round cut could be 25% to 50% more expensive than the elongated cut.

Princess Cut VS Elongated Cut

While, for example, the elongated cushion cut features soft and almost round edges, the princess cut has a more modern and geometric look with its sharp shapes and edges, so you can tell these cuts are both made for totally different personalities.

The elongated cushion cut is usually brighter than the princess cut diamond engagement ring, although it is known as one of the shiniest cuts; the long, broader facets of the elongated diamond make it a more radiant and more dynamic gem in the light.

But, Which Cuts Are The Absolute Show-Stoppers When Elongated?

Not all the cuts available in the market have an elongated version, but there is a wide range of options; since even the slightest difference in the rectangular shape of the gem can make two diamonds with the same cut look incredibly different.

Oval Cut

An oval diamond engagement ring has multiple perks compared to its round identical. One of them is that oval diamonds are less expensive than round cuts. While the carat weight might be the same as a round gem, oval diamonds appear bigger for their elongated shape and more comprehensive tabletop.

Emerald Cut

An elongated diamond engagement ring is beautiful when the gem is shaped into an emerald cut. This cut is timeless; perfect for clear diamonds since the broader cut on the top facet is flat, it allows you to look clearly into the stone.

This cut is also less expensive than most of the other cuts while appearing larger for the type of cut. It is a bright shape for diamonds for its significant facets.

How to Pick the Right Elongated Diamond Engagement Ring

Like every other product in the market, there are elongated diamond engagement rings in all shapes, sizes, and arrangement styles, so it is essential to know what you want your wedding bands to say about you.


The ideal ratio is primarily a personal decision more than a quality factor, but it is vital when looking for an elongated gem. Ask yourself if you’re going for a thin, tall shape or just a slightly rectangular shape.


Choose the cut that suits your personality and design; think if you want a single gem minimalist diamond ring or a central gem and smaller cuts on the sides. The arrangement of your elongated diamond engagement ring can be a combination of long shapes or elongated cuts mixed with other shapes.

Metal Band

Consider the type of metal that you want to hold the main star of your ring; white gold engagement rings are an elegant and visually stunning option to pair with a single shiny diamond, but you can choose the metal you want based on your budget and the kind of ring you’re going for.


Going with an elongated diamond engagement ring is an excellent choice if you want your hands to look long and stylish while owning a timeless precious gem charged with meaning that will remain trendy for years to come. If you wish to go with a dramatic slender and long cut, or a square-ish diamond, the elongated cut looks magnificent in all ratios and is up to you to choose your dreamed gem.

At Brooklynlilly’s extensive catalog of luxurious gems, you can find the right elongated diamond to fulfill your expectations of the perfect engagement ring. Don’t think twice and contact us to get the glorious gem that will accompany you through one of the best days of your life and all the days after that.