The Royal shape: Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

It is usually not that simple to decipher the Cut quality of an Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring. Even a far more square vs. elongated design is generally based on one’s style—the assortment of appropriate depth percentages usually varies from stone to diamond because of such elements.


To look for an Emerald cut diamond engagement ring that is high and stunning in value – without a huge sale price – we encourage you to get hold of us for advice and assistance.

The Underrated Emerald Cut.

These Emerald cut engagement rings tend to be understated. Besides providing an art deco touch, the design of the Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring cut makes the stone appear much more prominent than the elongated diamond engagement ring. The Emerald cut uncovers the stone’s clarity. This is often an advantage and disadvantage, but you can discover it if you have noticed a great piece.


An Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring on your finger implies you’re soft-spoken and elegant but fancy chic with an advantage. You focus on becoming a much better variation of yourself, not looking for the crowd’s endorsement.

What’s an Emerald Cut Diamond?

The Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring is a long, rectangular piece of art with a chiseled action cut with straight linear facets. To include stability and protect it against fractures, the sides of an Emerald Cut Diamond are usually cropped.


The Emerald Cut Diamond allows for profound clarity and a vast area table. Through its cuts, the diamond also provides for abundant reflections of both colored and white light. Emerald Cuts are more prominent inside a rectangle but are usually visible in the square and are ideal for setting in a white gold engagement ring.

What’s the Best Setting For an Emerald cut Diamond Engagement Ring?


The Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring fits well with many types. However, it does suit more understated features. Emerald cuts usually go perfectly with solitaire and straightforward pave adjustments that are ideal for three-stone environments.


A solitaire setting is known to allow a great deal of mild strike for the stone. It amplifies the “hall of mirrors” consequence of a well proportioned Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring. Thus it showcases the distinctive color of an Emerald Diamond wonderfully. Therefore, it is difficult to go wrong with a basic solitaire setting along with a gorgeous Emerald Cut.


A pave feature will make your piece stand out without the need to go far from the Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring as a centerpiece. The Brooklynlilly diamonds add a bit of flair to the band, simultaneously amplifying the fire of this center stone.

2-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring also works the diamond superbly in a 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring setting. 2 smaller sized stones flanking the Emerald within the center helps draw interest to the central stone, amplifying its beauty.


Brilliant Cut diamonds on every side present a fantastic distinction to the Emerald’s very long, straight facets, like in the Marquise Shape 2 Stone modern wedding Ring.


On the other hand, you can flank the fine jewelry with Baguette Diamonds for a classy and sleek appearance. For even more inspiration, look at these engagement rings recently bought at the leading online retailers.

Emerald-Cut Diamond: Cut Quality

Cut quality is a little trickier to evaluate for Emerald Cuts than minimalist engagement rings. This is since lab entities (GIA included) do not create a cut class for fancy-shaped diamonds. Generally, however, parameters allow it to be easy to pick a brilliant and fantastic Emerald.


Dimensions such as the level, and measurement to width ratios, impact the way the diamond appears and just how much light it mirrors. To purchase a well-cut Emerald diamond, you need to pay attention to each of the specs offered.


If you would like to understand more, call us, and we will provide you with a recommendation on any kind of Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring.

Emerald Cuts: Pros & Cons



  • A Lower cost per carat relative to all the shapes
  • It is understated and has an elegant appearance
  • Relatively simple to find


  • It has glassy nature that produces inclusions that are more apparent (so you want a more fantastic clarity grade)
  • Not as impressive as some other diamond shapes

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts 

Size vs Carat Weight

You must check out the size variations between various carat weights of an emerald cut. Remember those typical dimensions, as each emerald-cut stone is somewhat different.

How Much is a 1-Carat Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

The simple response is between USD 1400 to USD 6000. An Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring will be less than an engagement ring with a round stone (and less than most other shapes). Emerald cuts are cheaper per carat than almost all cuts and substantially more affordable than round diamonds. 

Is Emerald a Good Stone for an Engagement Ring?


Emeralds are known to have been utilized for generations to fill the heart’s desires. Thus, if you plan on proposing with the stars, an emerald engagement band may be a great option! With numerous symbolic connotations, an emerald engagement ring can be a perfect option for your proposal.

Emerald Round-Cut vs. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 


Emerald round cut 2-carat and a princess cut engagement ring are more or less identical. The big discernible difference is the ratios. Emerald cuts are usually rectangular, while Asscher slices are square. From a value or even quality perspective, there’s little distinction. It all boils right down to personal preference or even setting style.

Emerald-Cut vs. Oval Diamond Engagement Ring 


Emerald slices possess a glassy and understated elegance. At the same time, oval diamond engagement rings enjoy a softer, more contemporary appearance. Oval gold engagement rings can exhibit more brilliance and are the popular cut. Emerald cuts cater to somebody searching for a stylish and timeless look.



Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring presents an exciting and elegant shape. An emerald is a terrific option if you desire a larger-looking diamond for a reasonable price.


Because Emerald cut Diamond engagement ring calls for thorough observation of Cut quality, we recommend having an expert review your diamond cut before purchase. If you need help locating the best Emerald Cut Diamond, you can contact us today!!