Uprising Trend: Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The fine jewelry world is sparkling with the latest uprising trend, and we’re crying tears of joy. Gone are endless Instagram photos of boring diamond rings.

You see, we’re talking about the increasing popularity of the pear-cut diamond engagement ring. Yes, teardrops and pears are back in fashion!

Yet, we are left to wonder whether these wedding bands are any better than a traditional princess cut diamond engagement ring. Which cut of diamond has the most sparkle?

We spoke with some of the experts at Brooklynlilly to find answers to our burning questions about this unique diamond ring.
Let’s dive into the exciting world of the modern wedding ring and see what the experts had to say.

The pear-cut diamond engagement ring is ready to impress.

Everybody knows that diamonds are forever. Yet, even these traditional stones are subject to trends.
While popular, traditional engagement rings such as the oval diamond engagement ring will never quite go out of fashion, it’s time for a new diamond to shine in the limelight.

The pear-cut diamond engagement ring is back in fashion. This time these diamonds look incredibly stylish as minimalist engagement rings.
They pair exceptionally well with delicate white claws to hold the diamond. Doing this makes them excellent white gold engagement rings. The lighter metal also makes them sparkle brighter.

This trend that favors the pear-cut diamond engagement ring isn’t slowing down. There’s a definite strong movement towards vintage-inspired oval-shaped stones.
Luckily for us, plenty of fantastic benefits make a pear-cut diamond engagement ring a solid choice for your loved one.

The future of the pear-cut diamond engagement ring shines brightly.

We find that pear cut diamonds, also referred to as teardrop diamonds, have several fantastic benefits over other standard cut diamonds.
For one, they have a larger surface area than other diamonds of similar weight. The great news is that your 1-carat pear-shaped diamond will appear more prominent than a 1-carat round cut diamond engagement ring.

This larger surface area not only makes the diamond sparkle more, but it also has another significant benefit. A pear-cut diamond engagement ring makes the wearer’s fingers look slimmer and longer.

Adding to the popularity of the pear-cut diamond engagement ring, over an elongated diamond engagement ring are the softer edges of the pear cut.

These soft curves make the pear-shaped diamond seem more feminine and graceful. They are definitely less harsh than traditional square-cut diamonds, such as the popular 2-carat cushion cut diamond ring.

Which cut of diamond has the most sparkle?

Unfortunately, the pear-cut diamond engagement ring still doesn’t sparkle more than a traditional, round-cut diamond despite the tremendous benefits mentioned above. Round cut diamonds can have multiple facets that make them seem brighter than other diamonds.
Yet, this doesn’t seem to detract from the pear-shaped diamond’s growing popularity.

You can make your pear-cut diamond sparkle even more by choosing the correct metal. While all metals work very well with pear-cut diamonds, yellow or rose gold works better to make your diamond appear even brighter.

While there will always be fans of the more traditional cuts, You can’t ignore the growing popularity of the pear-shaped cut. Your diamond will appear bigger and cost less than classic round cut diamonds. Yes, these new trendy favorites are also less expensive than their traditional counterparts.

Is a pear-cut diamond engagement ring expensive?

Unlike traditional round cut diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds are generally less expensive than their counterparts. You can expect to save anything between 15% and 30% when buying a pear-cut diamond engagement ring.
So, how much is a teardrop diamond ring? Our latest, trendiest diamond engagement rings average anywhere between $10,000 all the way up to $ 20,000. This pricing makes them a worthy investment that won’t devalue over time.

What does the pear shape or teardrop shape signify?

Pear-shaped diamonds have long been associated with a strong will, independence, and empowerment. These diamonds reveal and complement the unique style of the wearer.
Some people refer to a pear-shaped diamond as a teardrop diamond. It’s because these stones are shaped like a tear. Contrary to popular belief, pear-shaped diamonds aren’t bad luck.

Instead, these diamonds symbolize wedding tears or tears of joy. This symbolism makes them a great choice if you are searching for an engagement or wedding ring with a special meaning.

How should I wear a teardrop or pear-shaped diamond ring?

You can wear teardrop or pear-shaped diamond rings in any way. The most common practice, however, is having a sharp point face your fingernails.

Wearing the diamond ring in this way will give it that distinctive teardrop or pear shape when holding your hand up.
Yet, like most things in life, it’s a matter of preference, and plenty of people wear it with the narrow end pointing towards your hand.
When looking for a pear-shaped diamond ring, you need to consider the setting quite carefully. The tapered end can be pretty fragile and can break if you don’t wear it carefully.

Most modern jewelers use a v-prong or bezel setting to protect this sharp point from breaking or chipping when wearing the ring daily.

Should I buy a pear-shaped diamond ring?

Diamonds never go out of style. The truth is, pear-shaped rings have been with us for more than 500 years. They originated from more traditional marquise shapes.

Many different pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are available today, from stylish, modern minimalist diamonds to more vintage-inspired rings.

You’ll also find that pear-shaped diamonds work well with unconventional settings, such as off-kilter stones and clusters.
These pear-shaped diamonds aren’t just timeless, though. They are eye-catching and unique and are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a non-traditional engagement ring.

Are you ready to impress your loved one with a unique and stylish diamond ring that’s both trendy and meaningful? If yes, then the pear-cut diamond is perfect for you and your loved one.