Wearing Jewelry According to Your Zodiac Sign

Astrological signs are meaningful for many people and they can provide insights on many different aspects in your life. Astrology can be used as a guide to plan your financial future, notice a date and time where you can meet the love of your life, and other things you may have otherwise overlooked. 

So without any further ado let’s dive into the horoscope board and learn which type of fine jewelry will be perfect for you!


Luxury and high-end jewelry are common among capricorns. The sophisticated look isn’t meant to be saved for huge events or galas, you can find a capricorn wearing extraordinary pieces such as a gorgeous pave embellished ring or stunning pendant necklace on a daily basis.


Aquarius are attracted to modern pieces with stylish design. Their spicy personality and free spirited vibe is expressed with colorful jewelry or unique pieces that have an interesting story behind them. Therefore, our Ruby Star ring or a rainbow tennis bracelet would definitely fit the criteria.


This sign is well known for their highly emotional intelligence combined with their laid-back lifestyle and deep connection to mother nature. When it comes to jewelry, their tasteful style requires something noticeable yet humble in size. Pieces like stud earrings or 1 carat oval diamond ring can do the job.


Loaded with energy and impressive social skills, Aries tend to lean towards shiny and elegant jewelry. Size matters in this case and the bigger it comes the better. For example, if you are about to propose to your future Aries wife, we highly recommend purchasing a 3 carat emerald engagement ring or any other large center stone with or without additional side stones.


This sign is known for making incredible fashion choices so the focus here is definitely on expensive and tasteful jewelry. Because they’re well aware of the style trends that are up and coming, they are outstanding in picking out timeless pieces.


This zodiac sign is versatile with jewelry and they love having mesmerizing pieces that can light up a room when they walk in. This sign is known for being risk takers and indecisive. That’s why you can find them wearing different pieces on a daily basis. All seeing eye necklaces and moon light earrings are a perfect match.


Cancers have a special attraction to pieces with colors although a classic & traditional look is definitely their favorite. In regards to metal types, you can always find them looking for yellow gold, white gold or silver jewelry.


Leos are confident and have a strong personality. They love to be at the center of attention. It doesn’t matter which piece they wear but it must be extravagant and eye catching. If your partner is a Leo sign and you are about to pop the question make sure you go for a unique piece such  as the Ameltha pear shape engagement ring.


Virgos are known for their love of sophisticated and highly functional pieces. In their jewelry box you can find a variety of diamond earrings, 14 carat necklaces and different kinds of bracelets. Choosing one style for this sign is impossible so we recommend browsing  the fine jewelry catalog here at Brooklyn Lilly.


The connection between high end fashion and glamourous jewelry is definitely the essence of this sign. Libra’s are known for having a queen eye for beauty. They love classic and modern pieces so you will find many beautiful items in their jewelry box.


Scorpios have a cutting edge personality and high levels of intuition. That being said, once you unveil their passionate side,  the things they wear will blow your mind. Rose gold, white gold and modern diamonds are the perfect combination for this water sign.


Creative and adventurous accurately describe this sign.  They have a bubbly character and tend to take chances when it comes to fashion and jewelry. If you would like to purchase a piece for a Sagittarius sign, you must think outside the box and go for something you would never think of buying.