What to Know Before You Purchasing Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

With its origin gotten from the unique old mine diamond cut, this diamond shape has been in existence for about 200 years. Its origin can be traced to an antique cut that was hitherto referred to as “candlelight diamond,” because it has large facets that were fashioned to shine in candlelight back in the days before the advent of electricity.

The name Cushion cut engagement ring got their names from the wonderful square diamond shape with corners that are rounded thus resulting in a cushion appearance. Its rounded and soft edges give it a rather romantic feel. It is, however, important to note that the proportions of a cushion cut tend to vary with some of them seeming longer and narrower. These type of cut are the most widely known in the category of fancy shaped diamonds.

Tips to consider when purchasing a cushion cut diamond

Among the ten most popular shapes of diamonds, the cushion cut holds the unique reputation of being the more popular among the styles for celebrities and brides. Here are a few tips that you should consider if you are looking to buy:

  • Do cushion cut diamonds appear larger?

When looking to buy a cushion cut engagement ring, you should understand that the apparent size is a function the carat weight distribution as well as the facet size. You should also understand that it possesses larger facets than the round diamonds thus giving it a slighter larger look when looked at from the top. It, however, does not sparkle as much as the round cut.

  • Are the less expensive when compared with round cuts

On record, the prices of cushion cuts range between 25 to 50% less than the brilliant-cut diamonds. There has however been an increase in prices as a result of the increasing popularity of the cut.

  • What is the level of popularity of cushion diamonds?

One unique thing any potential buyer of a Cushion cut engagement ring should know is that in the first century of its existence, it was the most popular. However, in this dispensation, they rank as the second most popular shape of diamond behind the round cut. They are usually made use of in engagement rings along with halo settings. Due to the way they can retain their color, it is the most accepted among the fancy diamonds.

  • How do you go about buying a cushion cut diamond?

When it comes to the standards of cushion cut diamonds, they are different when compared with most of the other shapes.  As it is with other diamonds, one thing that should determine your choice of Cushion cut engagement ring should be your taste.

  • How do you recognize a good quality cushion cut diamond?

As far as a cushion cut diamonds are concerned, the major indicator of quality is the symmetry grades and polish. The reason for this is that these two features will go a long way in maximizing the sparkle of the stone.

Parting note

Now that you have made your choice of stone, ensure that you take note of the points mentioned above.

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Cushion engagement ring
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