Yellow and Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Brooklynlilly takes pride in high-quality, sustainable handcrafted jewelry that can be worn every day. Each piece is crafted with expert precision and seamless fit to create a true masterpiece designed to last a lifetime. It’s not just about the size of the rock but every fine detail that comes with the engagement ring. The trend this season is yellow gold. We are often related to the round cut diamond engagement ring and the princess cut diamond engagement ring. Here, we are taught that there are no wrongs, just rights. All stones and shapes are better suited to one another. Still, on trends, we can all agree that rose gold looks good with every traditional form and diamond. Its beautiful blush color coordinates well with other gemstones and complements all skin tones. While a rose gold engagement ring prides itself in its unmistakable beauty, the yellow gold stays outstanding.

Yellow Gold

Hope, happiness, and new beginnings are just a few words to describe what is now highly regarded as one of the traditional options for engagement rings this season, The yellow gold. This stunning metal piece gives each diamond its charm and character. Its beauty exudes class and elegance that comes with a particular need for regular care and maintenance to sustain its brightness and shine. Its Exotic appearance Is Perfect for those who don’t like to limit their style. You can create bespoke pieces that resonate with your own love story for the perfect fairytale.

Rose Gold

In the past seasons, we have seen how the demand for rose gold engagement rings has soared. It represents a precious and timeless feminine appeal. The romantic metal and its pinkish color set it apart, yet that’s not the only reason why it’s gained popularity. When selecting an engagement ring, your preference favors one that will consider your lifestyle and the things you enjoy doing daily. This pretty metal is known for its durability without tarnish and its simple maintenance. All die-hard romantics see beyond the copper. Anything red and rosy is permanently affiliated with elegance, beauty, and love. The rose gold engagement rings aren’t any different. It certainly isn’t a trend that will be going away any time soon.

The Design Behind The Beauty

With their stunning yellow and rose gold engagement designs, you are sure to go noticed and steal the hearts of every jewelry lover whenever you make an appearance. Some women have the luxury of owning two wedding rings, one for more formal occasions and one for work and play. The Petite Pave diamond and Brooklyn Lilly classic wedding bands are perfect for said occasions. Wear one band to flaunt the design or stack them for a delicate daytime ornate look.

If the chic look is yours and the idea is to sparkle without being overwhelming, you’re the sophisticated elementary lady deserving of a minimalist engagement ring. You’re going to love how Brooklynlilly has redefined the 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring. It meets the needs of those who delight in fancy shapes and look forward to some excitement with a touch of traditional detail.

However, consider that this cut’s proportions often vary, with some seeming longer and narrower. The less is more concept has come to play well with the Ora- cushion cut. Brilliant white diamonds surround the centre stone giving it a dash of glam, making the cushion diamond look extraordinarily large while still appearing gently on the finger. The heart capturer has to be the 14k rose gold band that heightens the sparkle of each diamond—birthing a whole new meaning to the term cushion cut diamond ring.

Ladies with a more profound love for sparkle often lean towards a romantic, classy-vintage, the classic white gold engagement ring. It has been around for centuries and is as pure and passionate as the love it represents. Brooklynlilly is changing things and breaking boundaries for the bling brides. The Lyra band with white round brilliant diamonds in 14k.

Custom Design

Men shop differently for engagement rings than women. Some know exactly what they want, and some have not even a clue. That’s where the convenience of online shopping plays a part. Brooklynlilly has made its jewelry accessible to everyone around the world. You can easily compare prices, educate yourself about the existing collections or browse through the options of custom designing your own jewelry piece.

Like every love story, the modern wedding ring has an unmatched romantic history of its own. Recreate your history and explore the endless possibilities that come with creating bespoke designs to suit your style and budget. Our customer service team is always at your service to guide you through your very best exclusive design engagement ring for a dainty feminine feel without bursting your pockets. Most people prefer to start with the gemstone and follow through with the design.

Today’s bride-to-be opt for an engagement ring with an aesthetic to match their personalities. Brooklynlilly caters to that exact need by creating no two rings alike. Take a closer look at the La Maddalena white gold and the Florence – cushion cut. See the distinctive features of fine jewelry.

The uniqueness of each engagement ring is found in the qualities that give pleasure to each diamond piece. Making it the perfect engagement ring for the trendy, fashion-forward bride-to-be. Whether your choice of selection is based on cultural influences or you have mixed feelings about antique wedding bands, energy aspects, or you value the insights of astrology signs. You are more than welcome to stay in your comfort zone and custom design your engagement piece. The journey of an engagement ring is a personal experience.


Brooklynlilly has spent years appreciating the splendid beauty of a girl’s best friend, diamonds. They have mastered the art of bringing the essence of nature and the magnificence of gemstones together with their fine engagement ring collection. They maintain a friendly relationship with all clients by becoming part of their love story.